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 東莞鉑銳精密機械有限公司是一家集海綿機械研發、設計、制造、安裝于一體的公司。公司座落于擁有世界工廠之稱的廣東省東莞市,主營產品包括:海綿發泡機械、海綿切割機械、數控異形切割機械、再生海綿機械以及相關配件與原料。產品被廣泛應用于:沙發、床墊、汽車座椅及內飾、墻體保溫與隔音、電子、鞋類、清潔用品、醫療等行業。我公司匯聚了一批海綿機械領域經驗豐富的人才,并借鑒國外同行業的制造技術,嚴格按照**質量體系要求進行生產,打造出了**競爭力的產品。目前客戶群體遍及國內的各個省份以及出口到東南亞、非洲、歐洲、美洲的各個*與地區,贏得了廣大客戶的一致好評。我公司將繼續以 “高質量的產品打動客戶,以完善的服務體系支持客戶",發揚鏡意進取、開拓**的精神,不斷完善自身,竭誠為廣大客戶提供*的產品和服務。我們也熱切的期待能與*多海內外的朋友相識相交,真誠合作,共創未來。我們堅信:鉑銳機械會成為您真誠的合作伙伴!Dongguan Borui Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. a manufacturer company integrated design development, manufacture and installation of the complete foam production lines.The company is located in Dongguan City, Guangdong province. The main products are a series of flexible polyurethane foaming machines, foam cutting machines, CNC contour foam cutting machines,re-bonding foam machines,and the related accessories . The products are widely used in sofa, mattress, automotive, interior furnishing , wall insulation, electronics, footwear, cleaning supplies and other industries. With a team of skilled and experienced staff in the foam machinery field, trained and nurtured through hard work, and learn from foreign advanced manufacturing technologies, Borui foam machinery are manufactured under strict quality control, and its best price performance ratio and good after-sales service to win the majority of customers praise. Now Borui's customers throughout domestic and overseas, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe, Americas etc .various countries and regions. It is our mission to offer our customers the best possible products and service at the most competitive prices, assuring our profitability to sustain long term service to them.We sincerely hope you too can become partners of us and join us as we grow.



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